Dutchie Luv (deahelene13) wrote in bxunderground,
Dutchie Luv


Operation Ivy Adult L
Dropkick Murphys Adult XL
Dead Kennedys Adult XL
Anti-Flag Adult L
Anti-Flag Adult XL
Anti-Flag Adult XL navy blue
The Distillers Adult XL
Weezer Adult L navy blue
Sublime Adult XL
Sublime Adult XL red

Used but all in good condition. No rips, tears, or stains. Nothing over a year old, colors still intact. Op Ivy shirt slightly faded.

10 bucks a piece
shipping prices vary depending where you live. I will find out how much through the post office and discuss total price with anyone interested.

Reasonable college student, familiar with ebay as well, buyer as well as seller, from NYC...jus tryna pay off some school loans.

Pics: in list order...

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