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bxunderground's Journal

Burning the Elites Mohawk
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The Bronx underground.

There are sites, zines, shows.

You don't have to live in the bronx..or even ny to join. Come here to listen to great bands, support the scene, and talk about shows, and even start a band in ny and look for members.

Any bands i didnt add, just tell me.

16th floor, 245, 4-seen, a music box sernade, abc no rio, active ignorance, afflitus, afs, after school televison frequency, alex is on fire, all caught up, at a loss, at the drive in, blue grass, books lie, braindead, burn the palliduim, burning peer pressure, burning the eliest mohawk, bxhc, c-squat, cbgbs, club 1680, d.i.y., dalys gone wrong, dibs on anthony, diluted society, discretion, double standard, downfall, dreams forever drowning, dressed in rhetoric, emo, friendly fire, going against all odds, grindcore, hardcore, hindrense, holding caulfield, idle minds, indie distros, invisible enemy, know it all, l'amours, left out, leftover crack, lividity, loser 44, making music, manufactured, mechanical souls, metal, militia, morgan storm, mosh pits, moshing, negative effect, new york city, new york ska x-change, nitch, no way out, northshot, nothing but lies, oi, omen faculty, one regret, orsus, overflow, patches, pizzeras, point blank, post punk, post-punk, providing the sickness, punk, r.i.p. the black thorn, redzone, reformation, riot, rude boys, rude girls, scared for brains, screemo, scremo, shoot first, ska, skankin, social politics, street punk, subways, sxe, sykosis, syntax error, the 99s, the bronx scene, the bronx underground, the devotchkas, the doxies, the kezners, the knitting facoty, the lowdown, the shoe gang, the snowcones, the x-possibles, tolerance, tristate hc, ugly customer, underrated, unity, unworthy trust, vodka, waterberries, whats your problem brian, without reason, yo jay-z biatches, your day strong, zines