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ParkerMania XXII

Remember when you used to go to shows to see old friends and watch the semi-talented "musicians" from the area get drunk and make your ears bleed? And that was a "show".

So do I.

Hence this...

ParkerMania XXII

LIVE! Saturday, June 18th

@ The Red Zone
79-56 Metropolitan Avenue
Middle Village (Queens), NY 11379

Doors @ 1 pm. Ten bands, ten bucks.


Through Slowing Down (the first and only pre-"Stay What You Are" Saves the Day tribute band)
Bomb the Music Inudstry! (Jeff and John from ASOB's side project -- fuckin SICK!)
Patent Pending (Long Island-based pop punk with ska and hardcore influences)
Avery (NJ-based female-fronted piano-led pop punk in the vain of Something Corporate and the soundtrack to "Josie & The Pussycats)
Stiffler (Queens' favorite emo-punk outfit)
Meridian Drive (emo/indie/pop punk, straight outta Glendale)
Taint (DIY til you motherfuckin die, melodic punk that hits ya right there, now featuring members of Flain)
No Big Deal (so what if it's pop punk? it really is No Big Deal!)
Exploited Youth (Bronx up-and-coming melodic punk band and good bros at that)
Dumpbody (I have no clue, but the kid who got me into NOFX and Pennywise six years ago is in this band, and that's awesome)


The absurd humor of Sean O'Connor.


THE INVOLUNTARY RAFFLE (we gots prizes, yo)

And other surprises that legally I can't promise yet but they're cool.

**this will in fact be as long and drawn out as it seems, so plan your arrival in advance if you're one of those people who wants to leave after two bands. we're working making re-admission easier than ever, but certain hang-ups may interfere and i'd hate to keep you as prisoners of my entertainment on a hot spring afternoon while you're waiting for Patent Pending and you have 8 bands between now and then**

Oh and links... or something... get them yourself. PureVolume, MySpace, or the old (insertbandname).com
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